Thursday, October 13, 2016

Security Group Membership Export

A while back, I posted about email address auditing, and a way to export all members of distributioun groups from powershell. I found this incredibly useful, and use it quite often. I've always talked to my colleagues about looking into a similar script for

I've just created a nice little script that deals with that in a manner that I think is appropriate.
Import-Module ActiveDirectory
$ou = Read-Host -Prompt 'Specify Organizational Unit here'
Get-ADGroup -filter {GroupCategory -eq "Security"} -SearchBase $ou |  ForEach-Object {
$group = $_.SamAccountName
$saveto = $("C:\temp\" + $_.Name + ".csv")
Get-ADGroupMember -identity $group -recursive | select Name | Export-Csv $saveto
I've specify the OU where my custom security groups are, otherwise I would be exporting groups like Domain Computers.

This creates a CSV file for each individual security group, with the same name as the security group.

Hope this helps someone who is looking for the same solution.

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