Thursday, July 7, 2016

Redirect Computers and Users OU

To take the guess work out of technicians remembering to place the Computer in the correct OU to receive any custom Group Policies, I've been changing the default Computer OU for some time now.

To do this, is very basic and often overlooked.

Load Active Directory Users and Computers, enable Advanced mode, and browse to the OU you want the computers to be a part of, right click and go to Properties. Switch to the Attribute Editor tab, and locate distinguishedName (should be the last option).
Click on View and then copy the contents.

Next load Powershell as Administrator

Now type in the following command
redircmp "OU=Computers,OU=Company Name,DC=Domain,DC=local"
To enter the data from your clipboard into the Powershell window, simply right click the mouse on the window when you're ready for it, and it will populate.


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