Friday, June 24, 2016

Server 2008 Logon

I had a client who could not log onto the SQL server to run some critical backups.
As it was days away from end of financial year, they were getting a bit worried.

The Logon process would get stuck at Applying Group Policy Printers policy...

During the process, the user had gotten fed up, and disconnected the remote session.
When they contacted me, I was getting the following error.

To resolve this, I logged in as my account, and ran "query process winlogon.exe". Identified the process without a session name, noted the PID. Located that PID in Task Manager (you cannot use the taskkill.exe application), and killed the process.

I then created a security group in Active Directory called "Group Policy Exceptions" and added the server in question, Fired up Group Policy Management, found the policy in question, and added the group in Delegation with "Read" permissions. Clicked on Advanced, and then unticked "read" and ticked "Apply group policy - Deny".

Logged on as the user, and confirmed successful login.

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