Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Trust Relationship Issues

A pretty common issue that has plagued Windows operating systems in a domain environment for as long as I can remember, the classic fix is to remove the computer from the domain, restart and rejoin the domain.

With Powershell, comes a much nicer and easier method of doing it.
From the computer having the issue, run Powershell as Administrator (log in with a local account, if you have to, or pull the network cable out to log on, then plug it back in again once you've logged on).

Reset-ComputerMachinePassword -Server <Name of any domain controller> -Credential <domain admin account>

Example: Reset-ComputerMachinePassword -Server DC01 -Credential GARHAR\Administrator

After a reboot, the computer/Server should be working fine.

The cause of this can simply be a second computer has been joined to the domain with the same name, causing the initial computer to lose the trust.

The most recent case of this for me was a 2012 R2 RDS server, which is less than 6 months in production. This case, I do not know what caused, which can happen quite often.

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