Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Exchange CU Update Failure on Transport

Recently I was updating Exchange 2013 at a client site, to CU11.
Everything was ticking along nicely, when the installer threw the following error.  It's worth noting, that this error can happen on all CU updates, if there is a Receive Connector set to Hub Transport.
Mailbox role: Transport service FAILED The following error was generated when “$error.Clear();
$connectors = Get-ReceiveConnector -Server $RoleFqdnOrName; 
foreach($connector in $connectors) { if($connector.MaxLocalHopCount -gt 1) { Set-ReceiveConnector -Identity $connector.Identity -MaxLocalHopCount 5 }};” was run: “Microsoft.Exchange.Management.SystemConfiguration Tasks.ReceiveConnectorRoleConflictException: The values that you specified for the Bindings and RemoteIPRanges parameters conflict with the settings on Receive connector “EX2013SRV2\Test”. Receive connectors assigned to different Transport roles on a single server must listen on unique local IP address & port bindings.​

My immediate reaction was to load the ECP and create a new Receive Connector using Front End Transport, instead of Hub Transport. Easy, right? Internal error 500.
No problem, EMS to the rescue. Nope.
Rebooted server. No joy either.
It's at this point I'm wishing I had a second Exchange server onsite, that I could connect to.
But due to the fact there was only one Exchange server, the only way around the issue was to use ADSIEdit.msc. A reference to this fix was found at exchangeserverpro.com
  1. ​Launch ADSIEdit.msc and connect to Configuration
  2. Browse to Configuration > Services > Microsoft Exchange > Org Name > Administrative Groups > Exchange Administrative Group > Servers > Name > Protocols > SMTP Receive Connectors.
  3. Locate msExchSmtpReceiveRole and change the value from 32 (Hub Transport) to 16384 (Front End Transport)
This allowed me to re-run the update, which picked​ off where it failed, and successfully completed.


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